Menchie is the star of his team and he makes sure that all menchie’s flavour are packed with health, flavour and Yummm. He and his sweet friends Mookie, Chip, Barry, P.B, Kiwi, Mellow and Sprinkle are on a mission to spread smiles all over the world.

Menchie’s Family


Menchie is the mix master of the gang and loves experimenting with new flavours. He believes- “why pick one flavour when you can mix them all?”


Chip is menchie’s best friend and is always by his side. Not to mention, he is the cutest friend of them all. His favourite flavour is Peanut Butter!


Barry is the wisest member of the gang. He loves spending time solving puzzles and making people smile. His favourite flavour is Vanilla.


An optimistic person and a great artist, Kiwi’s inspiration comes from his all time favourite Original tart.


The most cheerful person in the group, Sprinkle always looks after her smiling friends to make sure everyone is having a smiley day. She loves Cake batter.


She is the most mischievous sweet friend. She loves playing jokes on her friends and never leaves a chance to make them smile. Her all-time favourite is Red velvet cake.


The most attractive member of the gang is Mellow. He is always looking up for his friends. He is always seen indulging himself in chocolate yogurt.


Mookie is the star performer of the gang. She loves music and rewards herself with Cookies and cream which she shares with all her friends.