We are different

Do you wish to create your own kinda dessert? At  Menchie’s , everyone is the “mix master”. We provide you with your own chance to create your own cup of delicious frozen delight every time you visit us . With over 150 flavor options on rotation , we make you taste all the flavors before you tend to include them in your final mix . There are 70+ rotating topping options from fresh fruits to brownies, chocolate chips, hot and cold sauces , nutella…you name it ! to make your mix even more pretty and delectable .

Our journey started with our first store in 2007 in Encino, California and since then we have only grown to become the world’s largest self serve frozen yogurt franchise with over 550 stores across the globe.

Our commitment is to provide high quality guest experience, because to us , every guest’s smile matters. We are in the business of making people smile by providing high quality product which is also a very healthy treat for them to enjoy which is a rarity as per the dessert genre .

We serve more than products. We serve smiles.

We have designed our stores in a signature green and plum interior which appeals to almost everyone from kids to adults . Now , wherever we go , we become one of the most preferred and loved places for families and guests of all ages to hang out for a healthy as well as supremely tasty break . We strive to provide our guests with not just a great frozen yogurt experience but also a great memory to cherish on their every visit .

At Menchie’s, we try our best to be not just a stop-off, but a destination for our guests .