One of the best places in Mumbai to have frozen yoghurt! They have some of the amazing yoghurt flavours with a lot of variety in toppings… There are around 3-4 sizes of cups in which you fill the flavoured yoghurt (self service) and add the toppings of your choice! The charges are 1.50₹ per gram, which is superbe! Their ambience and sitting arrangement is good and their staff too is super sympa!
Definitely gonna revisit!!

– Kaur Pashmin

One of the best places in Mumbai to have frozen yoghurt! They have some of Love love lovee this place. I absolutely love the concept where you can fill your own yoghurt and toppings in your cup. I felt like a kid all over again while I tried to pick my flavour and ended up mixing multiple flavours in my cup and went all crazy with the toppings, I probably added everything available there They have some drool worthy flavours which keep changing everyday. You can also try all the flavours you want before making a choice. Let me just warm you guys that they charge by the gram and you ALWAYS tend to go wayyyy overboard ending up with an enormous amount to pay. However I am going to keep going back to this yoghurtland to be and feel like a kid all over again!

– Simrin Fazal

Dessert can be yummilious, classy, sophisticated, traditional, creamy, hot, cold or just the perfect way. to end your meal. But hardly ever anyone said, it can be fun and engaging and be more than just a way to end you meal on a perfect note. You can end rather a day or an entire week on an awesome note. If this seems an exaggeration, be here once. “Menchie’s “ – the destination for awesome self-assembled FroYo in town. …

– Foodie Panda

Awesome concept!! If you are one of the sort who needs to have your daily doze of yoghurt, this is a fun way to have it. The very welcoming staff will take you around and explain the concept and flavours. You can take as many servings as you like (though practically 2 fits in the cup with the waffle cone flavours are tempting

I had the red velvet and raspberry flavours. There are all sorts of toppings and fruit pieces,sauces you can experiment with. If you are watching your weight, then can make less calorific choices. Finally you weigh it and pay I think Rs 1 per gram. The raspberry was yum but the red velvet was so so.

The location is right opposite Toit and below the HUM store. Do try it!!

– Sunitha Pai

Froyos! Yes, they serve the best frozen yogurts in Pune I would say. There is much variety in the foyos as well as the toppings. So, the excitement of trying various permutations and combinations is interesting.

– Pranav Desai

i’ve always wished to have one in himayat nagar and finally they did !!!!! this place serves a very different concept of frozen yogurt . with all the desired toppings of your choice and more than 10 flavours of yogurt . its really a very good place to hangout . the space is very big and ambience is very good . the service is very friendly and we had a friendly coversation too . very satisfactory experience.

– Soumith Guda

This place has a very good ambiance packed with vibrant colours and this just adds up to the mood of enjoying delicious range of Yogurt flavours and variety of awesome toppings and sauces !!! The concept of make your own Yogurt Concepts at the Yogurt Bar is cool!
A very nice place for the dessert lovers.

– Kartikey Gadgil